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Gwo¼dziej - Export is a part of Gwo¼dziej Network. The Company was established in 1994.

Gwo¼dziej Network is one of the main companies on used clothing field offering wide range of cooperating.

The established market position is a guarantee of quality and high level of service sector.

Gwo¼dziej - Export sorts and export clothing, as a part of whole Gwo¼dziej Network structure.

Gwo¼dziej Network Structure:

  • collecting used clothing in West Germany,
  • long standing cooperation with collecting companies from Western Europe,
  • import of the used clothing to Poland
  • sorting warehouse - sorting and preparing the individual customer's way,
  • export of the used clothing
  • preparing and retail selling of the used clothing through
    • a chain of our markets
    • all-Poland franchising chain of markets.